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Whilst undoubtedly awareness, understanding and application of portfolio management has grown immeasurably over the years as its maturity has increased, are we really saying that portfolio management never existed before we began to understand it?

Portfolio management has always been around; it’s just that not all of us and not all organisations, have always ‘been around portfolio management’. Click here to to read this great article about portfolio Management...


Project Charter – An unnecessary Project document, or maybe not?

education-548105640According to the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) a Project Charter “is a document issued by the project initiator or sponsor that formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities”. Read more...




Project Charter: align stakeholder expectations and enable project success

3Helping stakeholders understand the purpose of a project and its objectives right from the start will help reinforce their engagement and secure their commitment. Stakeholder commitment and engagement is considered to be one of the key success criteria and critical success factor in projects. One of the tools project managers have in their weaponry to achieve this is the Project Charter. Read more...




The curious case of TCPI
Project managers end up with variances in their hands meaning that they have act upon this variances. Earned Value Method (EVM) is a great tool that provides great insides to a project’s performance and most importantly it provides the means to forecast the outcomes of a project given the health of a project at the various status dates. Click here to learn more about the To Complete Performance Index.
Project Procurement Management: Negotitations

file000661441636Different Projects have different constraints depending on their size, nature and the environment in which they are conducted; however, there are five or six major constraints that are always present in each and every project and these are the Time, Scope, Cost, Quality, Human Resources and Risk. All the above mentioned constrains are somehow related with the procurement processes within a project, therefore procurement is considered to be an important knowledge area in the project management discipline. Click here to read the full article...



Excel formulas for Project Managers

exceliconThere are several cases that as project managers we need to perform quick calculations to get project start or finish days or the total work days of a project. Excel has some really powerfull formulas that can provide quick insides to projects. Click here to see Excel for project managers in action. 



The power of Mind-mapping

mindmappicMind mapping as a highly productive and versatile project management tool for and it can be used by project manager for brainstorming concepts, ideas, strategies and project objectives at the early stages of a project, for project planning and much more. Read about it on PMI's Cyprus Chapter webpage...


Excel analyisis tools for Project Managers

microsoftofficeexcel1A large number of project managers uses Excel to store information about their projects. If you use Excel to store deadlines for project activities you might as well use Excel’s analysis tools to help you quickly see your upcoming deadlines or delayed activities. Click here to see a couple of examples...



Εκπαίδευση ενηλίκων (Adult Learning) Article in Greek Language
   Ο ρόλος της εκπαίδευσης ενηλίκων στην σύγχρονη κοινωνία. (Άρθρο στην Ελληνική Γλώσσα)
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