The PMI Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan for PMI.  This plan highlights decisions the Board has already made as part of PMI’s strategy refresh.  It will serve as the foundation for reinventing PMI as the professional association of the future, sometimes referred to as PMI 2.0.  The 2017 PMI Strategic Plan provides the vision that will guide us there – and beyond.

PMI has instituted the “Playing to Win” framework to guide its strategic planning process, capture decisions and communicate its progress along the choice cascade.  The new strategic direction is built on three pillars: Strategic Focus, Customer Centricity and Organizational Agility.

Using these pillars and the “Playing to Win” strategy framework, PMI intends to redefine what it means to be a global professional association of the future, representing and advocating for people who practice project, program and portfolio management.  Learn how PMI will reach PMI 2.0 by reading the 2017 PMI Strategic Plan in its entirety at